L.I.F.E.'s Wearable Health System

BWell is a cable-free, fitted garment lined with sensors that collect physiological data with medical precision.
We are not sick: we are momentarily not well. We are not patient, we are impatient, because we want to be in control of our health. Although this device takes living and health to a level beyond just medical, L.I.F.E. was built with respect for the medical environment and it’s precision, certifications and security.
This garment is certified in Europe (and Switzerland) as a class II-A medical device. It does not diagnose, but it collects the data necessary for a diagnosis. It can recreate the 24-hour Holter Exam by monitoring heart activity with 12-lead ECG to detect events that are necessary to diagnose arrhythmia. It also monitors the lungs with five respiration sensors to detect possible respiratory apneas. Our software is certified to analyze this information and provide insight on your state of health.
In order to achieve medical accuracy by respecting differences in body morphologies, L.I.F.E. has two gender specific brands: X10X and X10Y. “XX” represent the female chromosomes while “XY” represent the male chromosomes. The binary numbers 1 and 0 represent our technology’s purpose of digitalizing analog life.